Hakoras Hatov to Rav Turin z”l.

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Dear Parents and Campers,

On April 16, 2021 the Government of Ontario, in response to the drastic increase of covid cases released new regulations and restrictions on the province.  The regulations which include social distancing would drastically reduce the number of campers per bunk , a requirement to create open air dining and activity venues, as well as no singing and cheering indoors, to name a few.

Under these circumstances it would be impossible to provide the atmosphere and programming to which our campers are accustomed and entitled.  It is also doubtful that our borders will be open to out of Canada staff and campers who comprise more than half of our camp population.

On April 18, the camp board of directors convened a meeting to determine how to react to the regulations.  After deliberating the various scenarios under which the camp would be allowed to operate, the unanimous, heavy hearted decision was made not to open the camp for the 2021 season.

It has been very encouraging to see that the vast majority of campers are still enrolled despite the doubtfulness of the season proceeding and is proof to the eagerness of our campers wanting to return to Camp Agudah.

It is our fervent hope that the same excitement be bottled up for the next season at which time we will all experience an explosion of fun and ruchnius that only Our Camp Agudah family can provide.

We remain your dedicated camp directors,

Rabbi Moishe and Risa Blaustein

Please read through the following refund options:

1.  If you wish to receive a refund please call 416.781.2969 or email with your request.  The refund should reach you within a few weeks.  Refunds will be issued until our registration for the 2022 season begins which will be in November 2021.

2.  If you choose to leave the fee with the camp, we will guarantee no increase and the camper will be guaranteed enrollment for the 2022 season.  In order to take advantage of the price freeze offer, the full fee must be paid.

3.  If you only submitted the deposit and wish to leave it with the camp, enrollment for 2022 will be guaranteed but there will be no price freeze.

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